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·  Foundation Options  ·

1. Patio Stone Foundation
All our shed and cabana kits come with a plywood floor built on a 2x4 sub-structure and supported by 2x6 pressure treated runners lain flat. The simplest foundation uses patio stones (12" x 24" x 2" concrete slabs) placed at intervals under the runners to support the floor.

patio foundation detail drawing

Patio Stone Floor Detail (click to enlarge)

Building Permits
If the structure is not going to be heated, this type of foundation is acceptable to permitting authorities in many jurisdictions. In general, structures under 120 sq. ft. do not require a permit, and this type of foundation provides a simple and cost effective solution. You should always consult your local authority before starting any building project.

Site preparation for this kind of foundation usually consists of removing the sod, putting down landscape cloth to discourage weeds from growing underneath your structure, and putting down crushed gravel to help promote good drainage.

2. Poured Concrete Pad
You can also pour a concrete pad as a foundation for your structure. The pad can either be the exact size of your structure, thereby allowing the siding to hang over the edge of the pad, or it can be larger than the structure, in which case you will need to cut the overhanging siding. The siding will just overhang the edge of the pad if the pad is exactly the size of the cabana. For example, an 8 x 12 cabana requires a pad exactly 8' x 12' (96.0" x 144.0"). You can find Five-Sided Shed and Cabana dimensions here. It is recommended that you make the pad smaller by 1/2" in both dimensions to accommodate any roughness in the concrete. There is a tendency for the concrete forms to be pushed outward by the force of the wet concrete, so it is very important that the concrete form be extremely rigid and well supported. As you will not require the wood floor, its cost will be deducted from the price of the cabana and a pressure-treated bottom wall plate (the part of the framing that touches the pad) and sill gasket will be supplied. If you don't require our floor, you can deduct $1.00 per square foot of structure from the price.

3. Concrete Footings
If you would like to use a wood floor and your permitting authorities do not permit a patio stone foundation, or you would like to construct your cabana on a sloping or uneven grade, you can pour concrete footings to support the floor. The footings should be 10" in diameter and be drilled well below frost line (4' in most jurisdictions; please consult your local authority). In some cases beams and/or posts may be required to support the floor (not included in the kit). For a nominal fee, Cabana Village can provide you with a design and drawing for a support structure that you will be able to take to your local permitting authority for approval.

4. Super Spikes
In some situations, Super Spikes (available at your local lumber dealer) can also be used in lieu of footings when building a support structure. Again you will need to consult you local permitting authority to see if this option is suitable in your jurisdiction.


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