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·  Insulating Our Structures  ·

Insulating the Walls

If you wish to insulate your building, we recommend that you order a structure that includes a structural package. Structural packages are included with our Cabin, Bunkie and Pool House designs. If you select the structural package in the design center it will automatically upgrade your design to one of these options.

The structural package adds a layer of plywood sheathing, building wrap and strapping under the siding, and includes metal brackets (Simpson Ties) to hold critical parts of the structure framing together. (The strapping provides an air space between the siding and the building wrap - please see the sidebar opposite.) Fiberglass batt insulation can then be placed between the studs to provide an R12 insulation value.

Also, a structural package will likely be required by your permitting authority for larger structures and structures located in areas subject to high winds or seismic events.

Although we prefer to provide you with completely pre-assembled walls, we can also supply the walls with only the plywood attached and the siding pre-cut. In some jurisdictions (Florida for instance), the structure will need to be inspected prior to the application of the siding. Also, with larger structures, pre-applying the strapping and siding can make the wall sections heavy and difficult to manipulate on the job site. Depending on the size of the structure and the number of persons or machinery available for unloading and erection, this may be an option. Please discuss this with your customer service representative prior to ordering.

Please note that with either option the insulation is not included in the kit. (Insulation is available for a small cost from your local lumber yard or hardware store.)

Insulating the Roof

Similarly, you will need to provide an airspace between the roof and the ceiling prior to applying insulation (Your local lumber yard or hardware store carries an inexpensive product for this purpose as well), and venting for the roof. Different methods are employed depending on whether the interior finish is to be applied to the rafters or to the ceiling joists. On request, we can provide detailed instructions specific to the style of roof you order.

Why All The Fuss
When you insulate a structure, you need to provide a vapor (moisture) barrier between the warm and cold areas of the structure, otherwise the moisture in the warm air will condense on the cold parts of the structure and cause droplets of water to form. These water droplets will cause the structure to stay moist and this will encourage mildew and rot, seriously reducing the life expectancy of your structure.

Similarly, if the siding is applied directly to the building wrap, moisture condensing on the building wrap can be trapped behind the siding. Strapping provides an airspace that prevents the siding from contacting the building wrap.


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